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2018-05-02 SabreCom Rugged Mission Computing Solutions
Today Diamond Systems unveiled its Sabre System family of SabreCom mission computers. The SabreCom products are based on Diamond’s line of I/O-rich SBCs and COM-based SBCs. Sabre Systems feature a full IP67 rating and MIL-STD-810G compatibility, making them ideal for vehicle and other harsh environment applications.

2018-02-22 EPS-24G2X 26-Port Ethernet Switch
Diamond Systems Corporation unveiled EPS-24G2X, a managed Layer 2+ Ethernet switch offering 24 10/100/1000Mbps copper twisted pair ports and two 10Gb small form factor pluggable (SFP+) sockets. The switch is designed for rugged industrial, on-vehicle and military applications and is Diamond’s newest addition to its Epsilon family of versatile embedded Ethernet switch solutions. EPS-24G2X is ideal for on-vehicle, military and aerospace applications and was designed specifically to meet the demands imposed by harsh environments.

2018-02-22 EPSM-10GX COM Express Mini 26-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module
Diamond Systems Corporation unveiled the EPSM- 10GX Gigabit Ethernet switch module with managed Layer 2/3 switch capabilities in an ultra-compact COM Express Mini 2.2" x 3.3" (55 x 84mm) form factor. Featuring 24 10/100/1000Mbps copper twisted pair ports and 2 10Gbps SFI ports, the EPSM-10GX is a perfect choice for use as a building block for creating custom Ethernet switch solutions in a variety of space critical applications, such as drones, ground and underwater vehicles, and robots.

2017-11-14 ZETA Family of Miniature COM-based SBCs Targets Applications Requiring High I/O Density, Long Lifetime, and Compact Size
Diamond Systems Corporation unveiled its ultra-small COM-based ZETA single board computer family. Highlights of the Zeta family include interchangeable COM Express COMs for scalability and long product life, ultra-compact size, and an unsurpassed level of I/O, including a complete high-quality analog and digital data acquisition subsystem.

2017-03-20 Venus Rugged Small Form Factor SBC with 2.6GHz Intel Skylake 6th Generation Core i7/i5 Processor
Diamond Systems has unveiled VENUS™, believed to be the very first rugged small form factor single-board-computer (SBC) based on the Intel “Skylake” 6th Generation Core i7/i5 processor.Venus offers the highest available CPU performance in a small form factor rugged SBC with modest power consumption. Venus features DDR4 memory soldered on board, bottom side conduction cooling, two PCIe Minicard sockets, in the 3.5” embedded form factor. Venus is available in two models, the high performance 2.6GHz i7 version (VNS766-4GD) and a lower cost 2.4GHz i5 model (VNS563-4GD).

2017-02-27 DMM New Family of PC/104 16-Bit Analog I/0
Diamond Systems announces Diamond-MM family of 16-bit analog I/O modules, DMM-16R-AT and DMM-16RP-AT. These rugged I/O modules offer 16-channels of 16-bit analog input, 4-channels of 12-bit analog output and 16 programmable digital I/O lines. The new I/O modules work with both PC/104 and PC/104-Plus form factors. The built-in autocalibration feature provides highest measurement accuracy regardless of time and ambient temperature.

2016-10-31 EAGLE I/O-Rich SBCs and Carrier Boards Provide Off-the-Shelf Complete ARM Computing Solutions
Diamond Systems unveiled its EAGLE family of compact, rugged ARM single-board computers and carrier boards designed to work with the Toradex Apalis family of ARM computer-on-modules (COMs).The product line is composed of two models, the full-size,full-featured Eagle and its smaller sized, low-cost Eaglet. For greatest convenience, customers may purchase a fully-configured off the shelf solution from Diamond, including a select ARM module and heat sink installed, or they may purchase the baseboard and ARM module separately for greater configuration flexibility and lower unit cost. Development Kits, including the fully configured SBC, pre-configured Linux OS on a microSD card, and a full cable kit, are available from Diamond Systems.

2016-05-10 Helix PC/104 Rugged SBC
Diamond Systems Corporation announces its compact, rugged HELIX PC/104 single board computer based on the DMP Vortex86DX3 system-on-chip (SoC) processor. The Helix SBC is targeted for low price, low performance applications. It offers low to mid-range CPU performance, more than double that of the AMD LX800. Helios is a low cost SBC offering high feature density in a compact size and providing optional integrated high-quality data acquisition circuitry, PCIe MiniCard I/O expansion, and rugged construction. With a long processor lifetime of ten years or more, Helix is ideal for applications needing a stable, low cost SBC platform with many years of availability.

2016-03-29 218W PC/104-Plus DC/DC Power Supply Module
Diamond Systems unveiled the Jupiter-MM-5000 high-efficiency, high-precision family of DC/DC power supply modules. These rugged I/O modules offer up to 218W of +5VDC / +12VDC / +3.3VDC power in either the compact PC/104 form factor or PC/104-Plus form factor. Jupiter-MM-5000 power supplies consist of a PC/104 form factor module with complete DC-DC voltage regulator circuitry, integrated thermal solution, detachable screw terminal block I/O connections, and PC/104 bus connectors. The wide input voltage range of 7 to 34VDC is compatible with industry standard 12V, 24V, and 28V inputs. The Jupiter-MM-5000 delivers efficiency as high as 95 percent, reducing input power requirements as well as heat generation. The full featured Jupiter-MM-5312 models include a system controller that offers advanced configuration, control, and monitoring features.

2016-01-19 196W PC/104-Plus DC/DC Power Supply Module
Diamond Systems unveiled the Jupiter-MM-5000 high-efficiency, high-precision family of DC/DC power supply modules. These rugged I/O modules offer up to 196W of +5VDC and +12VDC power in either the compact PC/104 form factor or PC/104-Plus form factor. Jupiter-MM-5000 power supplies consist of a PC/104 form factor module with complete DC-DC voltage regulator circuitry, integrated thermal solution, detachable screw terminal block I/O connections, and PC/104 bus connectors. The wide input voltage range of 7 to 34VDC is compatible with industry standard 12V, 24V, and 28V inputs. The Jupiter-MM-5000 delivers efficiency as high as 95 percent, reducing input power requirements as well as heat generation.

2015-12-03 2- or 4-Port PC/104-Plus CAN I/O Module
The Janus-MM-4LP-XT family of rugged I/O modules offers two or four opto-isolated CAN 2.0B ports plus 16 digital I/O lines. Models are available in both the PC/104-Plus and PC/104 form factors. An FGPA core houses the CAN controller and digital I/O logic providing CAN data rates up to 1Mbps. Each CAN port supports standard and extended frames as well as expanded TX and RX message queues for enhanced performance. The module also offers 16 programmable digital I/O lines organized as two 8-bit digital I/O ports.

2015-02-24 ARIES PC/104-Plus SBC with Intel E3800 Bay Trail Processor
ARIES is a highly integrated PC/104-Plus single board computer based on the Intel E3800 “Bay Trail” processor family. Highlights of the Aries SBC include excellent CPU performance / power consumption ratio, high feature density in a compact size, integrated high-quality data acquisition, versatile I/O expansion, conduction cooling for improved high temperature performance, and rugged construction. Aries includes a wide range of display capabilities, system I/O, plus data acquisition, meeting the majority of today's connectivity requirements in a single board

2014-11-04 COM-based SBCs with Intel Core i7 / Celeron Processors
The Vega COM-based SBC family includes interchangeable COM Express COMs for scalability and long product life, high feature density in a compact size, integrated high-quality data acquisition, expandable I/O, conduction cooled thermal solution for improved reliability, and rugged construction. Designed in the COM Express Basic form factor (125 x 95mm / 4.92 x 3.74 in), the Vega family offers performance scalability with three COM Express processor options: 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-3612QE, 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-3517UE, and 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 827E CPU. The use of interchangeable COM Express modules helps extend product lifecycles or keep up with new market needs by making it easy to replace an obsolete CPU or increase processing performance simply by replacing the COM module. Vega is therefore an excellent choice for applications with expected lifetimes of 10 or more years.

2014-06-19 Rugged Data Acquisition PCIe MiniCard module
DS-MPE-DAQ0804 is a rugged, low cost data acquisition PCIe MiniCard module that is ideal for adding analog I/O and digital I/O features to embedded applications requiring low cost, small size, and/or light weight. It offers 8 16-bit analog input channels, 4 16-bit analog output channels, and 21 configurable digital I/O lines in a PCIe MiniCard form factor with an extended operating temperature of -40oC to +85oC.

2014-03-03 Rugged PCI/104-Express SBCs with Interchangeable QSeven Computer-on-Modules
The Quantum family of conduction-cooled PCI/104-Express SBCs come with an interchangeable, full size QSeven COM processor and a highly integrated I/O baseboard. The processors available on the new Quantum SBCs include the 1GHz AMD Fusion G-T40E CPU, the 1GHz AMD G-Series eKabini GX-210HA SOC, and 1GHz ARM A9 i.MX6 single and quad core CPUs. The new Quantum PCI/104-Express-based family offers a wide range of on-board I/O including data acquisition with A/D, digital I/O, counter/timers and pulse width modulators. Standard PC I/O includes USB 2.0, RS-232/422/485, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA and digital I/O.

2014-01-24 Rugged PCI/104-Express SBC with Intel N2800 CPU Offers Exceptional I/O Capabilities; Advanced Processing
Atlas is a rugged PCI/104-Express single board computer (SBC) based on Intel’s dual core Cedar Trail N2800 CPU. Offering a speed of 1.86 GHz and dual core hyperthreading technology that enables applications to run in parallel, the new SBC provides exceptionally efficient processing. The Atlas SBC combines excellent Intel Atom CPU performance, a wealth of on-board I/O and a conduction cooled thermal solution at a competitive price.

2013-12-24 Rugged 14-Port Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch with 2 SFP Sockets
The Epsilon-12G2 rugged, managed Layer 2+ Ethernet switch module offers twelve 10/100/1000 Mbps copper twisted pair ports and two small form factor pluggable (SFP) sockets in a compact COM Express form factor. The new standalone switch does not require any host computer interface. It can be accessed via an in-band web interface over one of the Ethernet ports or via an out-of-band command-line interface over an RS-232 serial port with an integrated web interface providing an intuitive GUI for configuring and managing all switch functionality. Designed for use in rugged applications including industrial, on-vehicle and military environments, Epsilon-12G2 operates over an extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and has a +5V to +40V wide range DC/DC power supply compatible with all common vehicle and industrial power sources.

2013-09-05 4-port Optoisolated Serial PCIe MiniCard module
Diamond Systems announces the DS-MPE-SER4OPT, a rugged low cost 4-port optoisolated serial PCIe MiniCard module that is ideal for serial I/O expansion in embedded and OEM applications. The DS-MPE-SER4OPT offers a mix of up to 4 RS-232 and/or RS-485 serial ports in a PCIe MiniCard form factor with an extended operating temperature of -40oC to +85oC.

2013-06-27 Family of High Performance Embedded PC/104 Analog Output Modules
The Ruby-MM-1616A family of rugged PC/104 and PC/104-Plus analog output modules provides up to 16 channels of 16-bit resolution analog outputs with either voltage and/or current outputs, 48 lines of digital I/O, a waveform generator, 4 pulse width modulators, 2 counter/timers, and HART signal handling capability on four channels.

2013-05-14 Highly Integrated EBX SBC features Intel Atom E680T CPU and on-board Data Acquisition
Diamond Systems announced Hercules III, a rugged EBX single board computer (SBC) based on the Intel Atom E680T CPU running at 1.6GHz, and featuring 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6 serial ports, and 5 USB 2.0 ports. Hercules III is the newest member of Diamond’s 2-in-1 SBC products, combining a standard CPU board’s features with industry leading data acquisition on a single board.

2013-03-04 Multi-Functioned, Low Cost EMX I/O Module Provides I/O Expansion for any EMX SBC
Diamond Systems announces its latest product in the new EmbeddedXpressTM (EMX) form factor. The EMX-ESG is an EMX Compact form factor I/O module offering a variety of I/O expansion features and compatible with any EMX compliant single board computer. The EMX-ESG I/O module features two PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet ports, an LPC UART with 6 serial ports, 14 GPIO lines, and support for a Condor 23-channel GPS receiver.

2013-03-04 DS-MPE-SER4M Low Cost 4-Port High Speed PCIe MiniCard
Diamond Systems announces its entry into the growing PCIe MiniCard expansion module market. The DS-MPE-SER4M is a rugged, low cost 4-port high speed PCIe MiniCard module that is ideal for serial I/O expansion in embedded and OEM applications. The DS-MPE-SER4M offers 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports in a PCIe MiniCard form factor with an extended operating temperature of -40oC to +85oC.

2013-03-04 Mercator II PC/104-Plus I/O Module with Quad Ethernet and DIO
Diamond Systems announces Mercator II, a rugged PC/104-Plus I/O module that integrates 4 PCI-based 10/100 Ethernet ports with 24 user-configurable digital I/O lines in the compact and rugged PC/104 form factor. This 2-in-1 combination of Ethernet and digital I/O can help lower the size and cost of embedded systems by eliminating one additional board from the PC/104 stack.

2013-03-04 Athena III: Highly Integrated Intel Atom E-Series SFF SBC
Diamond Systems a rugged small form factor single board computer (SBC) based on the Intel Atom E640T CPU running at 1.0GHz, and featuring 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 4 serial ports, and 4 USB 2.0 ports. Athena III is the newest member of Diamond’s 2-in-1 SBC products, combining a standard CPU board’s features with industry leading data acquisition on a single board. This combination offers a highly integrated SBC in a more compact size with higher reliability, and at a lower cost.

2012-03-05 Conduction Cooled Single Board Computer in EMX Basic Form-Factor features Intel Atom E680T CPU
Diamond Systems announces Altair, a rugged EMX Basic single board computer (SBC) based on the Intel Atom E680T CPU running at 1.6GHz, featuring dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 serial ports, and 4 USB 2.0 ports. Altair is also the first SBC to implement the new EmbeddedXpress (EMX) stackable I/O standard, the next step in I/O connectivity for small form factor embedded computing.

2012-03-05 EmbeddedXpressTM Industry Standard for COM-Based SBCs
Diamond Systems unveils EmbeddedXpress (EMX), a new industry standard form factor for embedded computers that combines COM Express CPU modules with stackable I/O expansion in an SBC format. EMX boards offer increased flexibility, scalability, and longevity in the final product by providing interchangeable processor modules along with stackable I/O expansion. This combination yields the best of both SBCs and COMs: Off the shelf embedded computing solutions with easy I/O expansion, plus performance scalability and increased product lifetime.

2011-05-03 Managed 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Matches PC/104 Footprint
Diamond Systems unveiled Epsilon, a managed Layer 2 managed Ethernet switch module offering eight 10/100/1000Mbps copper twisted pair ports on a PC/104 form-factor board. Epsilon can be used standalone, without any connection to a single board computer, or in conjunction with a host CPU. The module’s built-in microcontroller handles configuration and management. On-board memory holds dual application images, boot code, MAC addresses, and other parameters, and can also be used for program execution.

2011-05-03 New Analog and Digital I/O Module Family brings identical features to PCI/104-Express, PC/104-Plus, and SUMIT single-board computer stacks
Diamond Systems unveiled a new family of I/O expansion modules for systems based on single-board computers (SBCs) that expand using either PCI/104-Express, PC/104-Plus, or SUMIT-ISM. The modules implement identical analog and digital I/O feature-sets on all three formats, letting companies choose their favorite expansion format now, while reserving the option of migrating to an alternate format in the future without major rework to the application’s I/O software or interfaces. The E104-DAQ1616, P104-DAQ1616, and SMT-DAQ1616 modules are implemented on the PCI/104-Express, PC/104-Plus, and SUMIT-ISM Type1 expansion formats, respectively. Each includes sixteen 16-bit A/D inputs and sixteen 16-bit D/A output channels, with programmable range and polarity. The modules’ high performance A/D converter operates at a 2MHz sample rate, the fastest of any I/O board currently available on PC/104-Plus or SUMIT-ISM, and the fastest available on PCI/104-Express for under $2,000.

2011-03-01 SUMIT-ISM™ I/O Module Provides WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and SSD Expansion
Diamond Systems today unveiled Corona, the first multifunction SUMIT-ISM I/O module to combine WiFi, dual Ethernet, USB, and solid-state disk (SSD) expansion capabilities. Within a single SUMIT-ISM Type I form-factor module, Corona integrates an 802.11a/b/g WiFi radio module, 2 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports (derived from SUMIT-A bus signals), a mounting location for an optional 2.5-inch SATA SSD card, and an SDVO-to-VGA convertor (usable with Diamond’s Aurora SBC). Corona is rated for the extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

2011-03-01 Rugged SODIMM Standard Beefs up Embedded Board Designs
Diamond Systems, Apacer Technology, and Accelerated Memory Production Inc. (AMP Inc.), today unveiled RSODIMM, a specification for rugged SODIMM memory. The new memory module format offers a cost-effective way to satisfy the reliability requirements of performance-critical embedded computing applications in markets such as transportation, industrial automation, medical, energy, military, and aerospace.

2010-10-19 PC/104 Optoisolated I/O Protects Embedded Computing Systems from Environmental Hazards
Diamond Systems Corporation, a leading supplier of ruggedized single-board computers (SBCs) and I/O expansion modules targeting real-world applications, today unveiled its latest PC/104 I/O module, the Opal-MM-1616. The Opal-MM-1616 features 16 optoisolated inputs and 16 relay outputs, supported by Diamond’s industry-leading Universal Driver software library. The OPMM-1616-XT is useful for industrial automation, transportation, energy, instrumentation, aerospace, military, and medical markets and applications.

2010-09-14 Aurora PC/104 SBC with Intel Atom CPU Launched at IDF
Diamond Systems launched today at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) the Aurora single board computer (SBC) as a much-needed technological breakthrough in small form factor (SFF) embedded computing. Featuring the 1.6GHz AtomTM Z530 processor from Intel, Aurora combines US-based rugged design know-how with advanced manufacturing process techniques to achieve a rich feature set in the tiny 3.6 x 3.8 inch PC/104 form factor. Best of all, Aurora uses a simple yet unprecedented thermal design among stackable SBCs to reduce size, weight and power and cost (SWaPaC) compared to legacy VME and PC/104 SBCs.

2010-04-27 FeaturePak Module Boasts 96 Programmable Digital I/O Lines
The FP-GPIO96 FeaturePak module integrates 96 buffered, programmable digital I/O lines, eight 32-bit counter/timers, four 24-bit pulse-width modulation circuits, and a watchdog timer with system reset capability.

2010-04-27 FeaturePak Embedded I/O Comes to SUMIT-ISM Stacks
The SUMIT/FP Adapter integrates FeaturePak I/O sockets into systems that provide a SUMIT-ISM expansion stack location.

2010-03-02 Diamond Reveals World’s First FeaturePak DAQ Module
Diamond today unveiled the world’s first data acquisition I/O module compatible with the newly-introduced FeaturePak embedded I/O expansion module standard. Despite its diminutive size, the FP-DAQ1616 integrates Diamond’s newest and fastest analog I/O technology and interfaces to the host system via PCI Express.

2010-03-02 Compact Boardset Merges COM Express With Triple-Play I/O
New COM Express-sized Magellan embedded-ready subsystem (ERS), combines the benefits of computer-on-modules (COMs) with those of stackable single-board computers (SBCs). System manufacturers no longer need to design a custom carrier to deploy COM Express modules.

2010-03-02 COM Express Modules Take the Heat
New family of COM Express computer-on-modules (COMs) is based on Intel’s low-power, high-performance Atom and Core processors. The moduels are rated for operation over enhanced (-20 to +71 deg. C) and extended (-40 to +85 deg. C) temperature ranges.

2010-03-02 Diamond Systems Joins Qseven Consortium
Diamond will support standard and custom Qseven computer-on-module (COM) baseboards in conjunction with its off-the-shelf FeaturePak I/O modules, and will offer Qseven COMs as options in its custom solutions service offerings.

2010-03-02 FeaturePak Standard Launches at Embedded World
Diamond and seven other companies in the global embedded computing market today jointly unveiled the FeaturePak standard and products. The FeaturePak specification -- originated by Diamond -- defines tiny, application-oriented personality modules that snap into low-cost, low-profile sockets on single board computers (SBCs), computer-on-module (COM) baseboards, and full-custom electronic circuit boards.

2010-01-07 Rugged SBCs Gain Windows Embedded SDKs
Diamond Systems today launched a series of Windows® Embedded Software Development Kits (SDKs) for its PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expandable Athena II, Hercules II, Helios, and Pegasus SBCs. Each SDK includes a tiny solid-state IDE “flashdisk” module – preloaded with a Windows Embedded CE 6.02 R2 or Windows Embedded Standard (formerly “Windows XP Embedded”) OS image – that plugs directly into one of Diamond’s SBCs, ready to boot and run immediately. With all required drivers pre-configured and ready to use, these bootable flashdisks complement Diamond’s reliable processor modules to create fully solid-state Windows Embedded-based small form factor computers.

2009-12-16 Diamond Spins Linux 2.6.23 SDKs
Diamond Systems today launched a series of Linux Software Development Kits (SDKs). Each SDK includes a tiny solid-state IDE “flashdisk” module – preloaded with a Linux® OS – that plugs directly into one of Diamond’s SBC or ERS products, ready to boot and run immediately. With all required drivers pre-configured and ready to use, these Linux-bootable flashdisks complement Diamond’s reliable processor modules to create solid-state Linux-based embedded computers

2009-11-13 Compact, Ruggedized, Fanless System Expands Flexibly
Diamond Systems today launched a series of compact, rugged, reliable, low-power systems aimed at high-reliability data acquisition and control applications. The Octavio “embedded application servers” are based on Diamond’s field-proven, PC/104-expandable Helios and Athena II single board computers.

2009-09-22 Extended Temperature COM Boasts Core 2 Duo Performance
Diamond Systems launches a series of ETX 3.0 compliant computer-on-module (COM) products based on Intel’s LV and ULV Core 2 Duo and Core Duo processors. The modules operate over an extended temperature range of -40 to +85oC, making them suitable for performance- and reliability-critical applications, including aerospace, defense, transportation, energy management, and industrial automation.

2009-07-21 ETX 3.0 CPU Module Targets Harsh Environments
Diamond Systems launches an ETX 3.0 compliant computer-on-module (COM) based on Intel’s low-power, high-performance Atom N270 processor. The ETX-N270 is aimed at defense, transportation, energy management, industrial automation, and medical applications.

2009-07-16 Diamond Meshes Atom, ETX, and PC/104-Plus
Diamond launches Pluto, a compact, I/O-rich, board-level embedded computer based on an Intel Atom processor and featuring modular PC/104-Plus expansion.

2009-05-21 ETX COMs for Real-World Applications
Diamond unveils a family of ETX 3.0-compatible Computer-on-Module products along with a comprehensive offering of development and customization services.

2008-10-28 New PegasusPC/104-Plus single board computer with AMD LX800 processor
Diamond introduces the Pegasus PC/104-Plus SBC, featuring on-board DRAM and 2GB IDE flash, designed for rugged applications.

2008-10-28 New Helios PC/104 SBC operates fanless up to 800MHz
Diamond introduces the Helios PC/104 2-in-1 CPU, featuring Vortex DX processor, on-board data acquisition, and wide temperature performance.

2008-07-31 New Rhodeus PC/104 single board computer offers competitive price / performance
Diamond introduces the low-cost Rhodeus PC/104 CPU featuring the AMD LX800 processor, aimed at costsensitive mid-performance applications.

2008-07-29 Diamond Systems Selected as Kontron ETX Certified Design Partner
Eching, Germany, July 2, 2008 – Kontron and Diamond Systems have entered a strategic partnership under Kontron’s ETX® Certified Design Partner program that bundles Kontron’s highly scalable ETX Computer-on-Modules with Diamond Systems’ small form factor boards for I/O intensive data acquisition applications. As a Kontron ETX® Certified Design Partner, Diamond Systems will deliver off-the-shelf and customized carrier boards for embedded applications that require state-of-the-art analog and digital I/O technology and extensive serial communications.

2008-07-29 Diamond Systems Ushers in a New Era in Modular Computing For Stackable Single Board Computer Users
April 16, 2008. San Jose, California. Diamond Systems Corporation today unveiled a new design methodology that reduces costs, reduces risk and simplifies designs for traditional users of stackable single board computers (SBCs). The new paradigm consists of off-the-shelf application-specific I/O-intensive computer-on-module (COM) carrier baseboards to be used with industry-standard off-the-shelf ETX CPUs. Using this approach, a two board “sandwich” (ETX CPU plus baseboard) provides a complete application solution which may have previously required three, four, five or more stackable I/O modules in addition to a CPU card.

2008-07-29 Diamond Systems Introduces its Newest PC/104 Data Acquision Module, The New Diamond-MM-32DX Brings In New Feaures And Performance To An Already Oustanding Solution
April 3, 2008. San Jose, CA. Diamond Systems Corporation, a leading supplier of embedded computing solutions featuring highly integrated single board computers (SBCs) with on-board data acquisition and PC/104 I/O modules, today announced the newest member of its PC/104 I/O offering, the Diamond-MM- 32DX-AT. This new analog I/O module extends Diamonds’ leadership position in PC/104 analog I/O and data acquisition with new features and improved performance.

February 26, 2008. Nuremberg, Germany. Diamond Systems Corporation, a leading supplier of PC/104 I/O modules and highly integrated single board computers (SBCs) with on-board data acquisition, today announced Neptune, the industry’s highest integration and most scalable EPIC form factor Single Board Computer. Neptune uses a modular CPU architecture to offer an unusually wide processor performance range as well as to pack an unprecedented amount of I/O into a tiny 4.5” x 6.5” (115mm x 165mm) EPIC footprint.

2007-03-30 PC/104-Plus 8-channel Serial Communications Module Improves Performance in PCI-based Systems
Emerald MM-8Plus 8-channel multi-protocol serial communications PC/104-Plus module depends solely on the PCI bus for its processor interface, improving performance over traditional PC/104 (ISA bus only) solutions up to 1.832M bps.

2007-03-30 Diamond Systems To Support Equipment Suppliers Efforts To Curb Global Warming, Develop Clean Energy
Makes its technology available at a steep discount for use in equipment that controls or eliminates the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, or supports production of clean energy from alternate sources such as wind turbines or solar cells.

2007-03-30 ETX-To-Go Baseboard Customization Services Provide Fast, Low Risk, Turnkey ETX Solutions to Embedded OEMs
This unique baseboard customization service allows OEMs to choose from a wide range of I/O logic proven in the field with Diamond Systems PC/104 modules and single board computers. By using off-the-shelf I/O technology, ETX To Go significantly reduces time to production while lowering technical risk for ETX-based embedded solutions.

2006-04-03 FPGA-based PC/104 Digital I/O Module Enhances Configurability and Flexibility in Embedded Applications
Initial GPIO-MM release provides 48 programmable direction digital I/O signals, 16 fixed direction I/O signals, 10 16-bit counter / timers and the ability to reconfigure in the field. GPIO-MM is based on a Xilinx Spartan II FPGA. Use of an FPGA to implement the digital I/O logic allows the GPIO-MM hardware to be reprogrammed, in the field if necessary, to serve multiple PC/104 I/O applications with different digital I/O requirements.

2006-04-03 Multifunction networking / communications module speeds and simplifies development of vehicle-based applications
Janus MM PC/104 expansion module that incorporates dual CAN bus interfaces and optional GPS and/or wireless modem capability on a single board. Utilizing only a single “slot” in a PC/104 stack, Janus MM enables the creation of compact vehicle-based applications that can communicate on the vehicle network, determine the vehicle’s location, and exchange information with a central location. Such applications can be found in trucks, buses, trains, delivery vehicles, police cars, ambulances and fire trucks.

2006-03-23 Click here for our new contact information.
As of December 23, 2005, Diamond Systems has moved to a new office.

2006-03-06 New PC/104 Module Offers 8 Multi-Protocol Serial Ports
The new Emerald-MM-8P offers 8 multi-protocol serial ports on one PC/104 module. Each port\'s protocol, I/O address, and interrupt level are programmable. Supported protocols include RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. In RS-485 both echo and non-echo modes are supported. Max baud rate is 460.8kbps for all protocols. Emerald-MM-8P also has 8 digital I/O lines with programmable direction. Operating temperature is -40 to +85C.

2005-07-20 New Rugged Opto-Isolated Serial Port Module
Our newest PC/104 serial port board, EMM-OPTO-XT, offers 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports with opto-isolation. Each serial port is isolated from the other ports and from the system electronics with 1000V AC/DC protection. You can mix and match serial protocols to meet your application needs. Protocols, addresses, and interrupt levels are selected with jumpers. A ruggedized version with custom hardwired settings is also available. The board is tested and guaranteed for -40 to +85C operation. A 24-line digital I/O circuit based on an 82C55 chip is also included on the board. Click here to visit the product datasheet.