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Products   >   Services   >   End-of-Life Products   >   Diamond-MM-32-AT PC/104 Analog I/O Module
32 analog inputs
16-bit A/D resolution
200KHz maximum sampling rate
Programmable input ranges
Single-channel, multi-channel round robin, and multi-channel scan sampling
Interrupt-based A/D data transfer with FIFO support
Multi-range autocalibration for highest accuracy
512-sample A/D FIFO
4 analog outputs
12-bit D/A resolution
Full autocalibration of A/D and D/A
24 high-current digital I/O
Advanced handshaking & triggering features on analog & digital I/O
Counter/timer for A/D pacer clock
-40 to +85ºC operation
+5V only power supply
Software and technical manual included
See Diamond-MM-32-AT PC/104 Analog I/O Module Technical Resources
A/D Board Tutorial
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Request Technical Support
Diamond-MM-32-AT Datasheet
(.pdf, 87.6 kb)
Diamond-MM-32-AT Manual v2.64
(.pdf, 505.9 kb)
Analog Interfacing Considerations
(.pdf, 344.7 kb)
DMM-32X-AT Transition Guide
(.pdf, 430.1 kb)
Autocalibration Technology Backgrounder
(.pdf, 112.9 kb)
Diamond-MM-32-AT Example Programs for UD 5.91
(.zip, 0.0 kb)
Universal Driver Software

Diamond-MM-32-AT PC/104 Analog I/O Module

16-bit Analog I/O PC/104 Module With Autocalibration

Diamond-MM-32-AT PC/104 Analog I/O Module
click for a larger image
Automatic Calibration
Analog Inputs
Programmable Input Ranges
Trigger & Sampling Control Signals
Analog Outputs
FIFO & 16-Bit Bus Interface
Real World Design
I/O Headers
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After reading about our new Diamond-MM-32 board, we think you'll be convinced: There's simply no other board in the world that can compare with these features at any price. And that doesn't mean that this board is expensive. On the contrary, we've priced Diamond-MM-32 to compete with the standard 16-bit A/D boards that you'll find from our competitors around the world. Take a look at the performance and features described below and see for yourself.

Automatic Calibration

Diamond-MM-32 is the first PC/104 analog I/O board to feature automatic calibration of both analog inputs and outputs for enhanced accuracy and reliability. The potentiometers, which are subject to tampering and vibration, have been eliminated. Instead, all A/D calibration adjustments are performed using an octal 8-bit DAC. The DAC values are stored in an EEPROM and are recalled automatically on power up. The board includes three precision voltage references for negative full scale, zero, and positive full-scale. A calibration utility program provided with the board allows you to recalibrate the board anytime, in both unipolar and bipolar modes, and store the new settings in EEPROM.

Autocalibration applies to the 4 D/A channels as well. The full-scale D/A range is selected with a jumper block. The analog outputs are fed back to the A/D converter so they can be calibrated without user intervention. Again, calibration settings are stored in EEPROM and automatically recalled on power-up

Analog Inputs

Enhanced Analog Input Configuration

Virtually all other A/D boards require you to set all input channels in one mode, either single-ended or differential. Diamond-MM-32 provides split configuration capability, with more total input channels than any other PC/104 analog I/O board. The board can be user-configured in any of three ways:

Channels Format
32 32 single-ended
24 8 differential, 16 single-ended
16 16 differential

Programmable Input Ranges

A programmable gain amplifier, programmable unipolar/bipolar range, and programmable 5V/10V full-scale range combine to give Diamond-MM-32 a total of 10 different possible analog input ranges. All range settings are controlled in software for maximum flexibility.

Mode Full-Scale Gain Input Range Resolution
Unipolar 10V 1 0-10V 0.153mV
Unipolar 5V 1 0-5V 0.076mV
Unipolar 5V 2 0-2.5V 0.038mV
Unipolar 5V 4 0-1.25V 0.019mV
Unipolar 5V 8 0-0.625V 0.0096mV
Bipolar 10V 1 10V 0.305mV
Bipolar 5V 1 5V 0.153mV
Bipolar 5V 2 2.5V 0.076mV
Bipolar 5V 4 1.25V 0.038mV
Bipolar 5V 8 0.625V 0.019mV

Enhanced Trigger and Sampling Control Signals

We've added extra A/D trigger and sample control signals to the design. Seven auxiliary digital I/O lines on the analog I/O connector provide a sample/hold output signal, A/D trigger in and out lines (to enable synchronization of multiple boards), external A/D clocking,

Analog Outputs

Diamond-MM-32 contains 4 12-bit analog outputs with autocalibration capability. Up to 5mA of output current per channel can be drawn from all channels simultaneously. Both unipolar and bipolar output ranges are supported with jumper configuration. And on power up, all outputs are reset to 0V automatically.

Mode Full-Scale Output Range Resolution
Unipolar 10V 0-10V 2.44mV
Unipolar 5V 0-5V 1.22mV
Bipolar 10V 10V 4.88mV
Bipolar 5V 5V 2.44mV

FIFO and 16-Bit Bus Interface

An on-board 1024-byte FIFO enables Diamond-MM-32 to work with Windows 95 and NT by dramatically reducing the interrupt overhead. Each interrupt transfers 256 2-byte samples, or half the buffer, so the interrupt rate is 1/256 the sample rate. FIFO operation can be disabled at slow sample rates, so there is no lag time between sampling and data availability. The 16-bit interface further reduces software overhead by enabling all 16 A/D bits to be read in a single instruction, instead of requiring 2 8-bit read operations. The net result of this streamlined design is that Diamond-MM-32 supports gap-free A/D sampling at rates up to 200,000 samples per second, twice as fast as our previous boards.

Designed for the Real World

Diamond-MM-32 continues the Diamond Systems tradition of design for real-life applications. The board requires only +5V from the system power supply and generates its own +/-15V analog supplies on board. The board operates over the Extended Temperatures range of -40 to +85º. As with all our I/O boards, Diamond-MM ships with free driver software for DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT. And if one board isn't enough, you can stack two or more in the same system, and our Universal Driver software will support it.

I/O Headers

Analog Ground 1 2 Analog Ground
Vin 0 / 0+ 3 4 Vin 16 / 0-
Vin 1 / 1+ 5 6 Vin 17 / 1-
Vin 2 / 2+ 7 8 Vin 18 / 2-
Vin 3 / 3+ 9 10 Vin 19 / 3-
Vin 4 / 4+ 11 12 Vin 20 / 4-
Vin 5 / 5+ 13 14 Vin 21 / 5-
Vin 6 / 6+ 15 16 Vin 22 / 6-
Vin 7 / 7+ 17 18 Vin 23 / 7-
Vin 8 / 8+ 19 20 Vin 24 / 8-
Vin 9 / 9+ 21 22 Vin 25 / 9-
Vin 10 / 10+ 23 24 Vin 26 / 10-
Vin 11 / 11+ 25 26 Vin 27 / 11-
Vin 12 / 12+ 27 28 Vin 28 / 12-
Vin 13 / 13+ 29 30 Vin 29 / 13-
Vin 14 / 14+ 31 32 Vin 30 / 14-
Vin 15 / 15+ 33 34 Vin 31 / 15-
Vout 3 35 36 Vout 2
Vout 1 37 38 Vout 0
Vref Out 39 40 Analog Ground
Clk Out / Dout 3 41 42 Counter 2 Out / Dout 2
S/H Out / Dout 1 43 44 Counter 0 Out / Dout 0
Ext. Clk In / Din 3 45 46 External Gate / Din 2
Gate 0 / Din 1 47 48 Counter 0 In / Din 0
+5V 49 50 Digital Ground

Digital I/O Header

A7 1 2 A6
A5 3 4 A4
A3 5 6 A2
A1 7 8 A0
B7 9 10 B6
B5 11 12 B4
B3 13 14 B2
B1 15 16 B0
C7 17 18 C6
C5 19 20 C4
C3 21 22 C2
C1 23 24 C0
Latch 25 26 Ack
NC 27 28 NC
NC 29 30 NC
NC 31 32 NC
+5V 33 34 Digital Ground


Analog Inputs
Number of inputs 32 single-ended, 16 differential, or 16 SE + 8 DI; user selectable
A/D resolution 16 bits (1/65,536 of full scale)
Bipolar ranges 10V, 5V, 2.5V, 1.25V, 0.625V
Unipolar ranges 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V, 0-.625V,
Input bias current 100pA max
Overvoltage protection 35V on any analog input without damage
Input Impedance 10^13 ohms
Nonlinearity 3LSB, no missing codes
Conversion rate 200,000 samples/sec.max
On-board FIFO 1K x 8(512 16-bit samples)
Calibration Automatic;values stored in EEPROM
Analog Outputs
Number of outputs 4
D/A resolution 12 bits (1/4096 of full scale)
Output ranges 5, 10, 0-5, 0-10
Output current 5mA max per channel
Settling time 6S max to 0.01%
Relative accuracy 1 LSB
Nonlinearity 1 LSB, monotonic
Reset All channels reset to OV
Calibration Automatic; values stored in EEPROM
Digital I/O
Main I/O 24 programmable I/O
Input current 1A max
Output current
Logic 0 64mA max per line
Logic 1 -15mA max per line
Auxilary I/O 4 inputs, 4 outputs, optional use as trigger/control lines
A/D Pacer clock 32-bit down counter (2 82C54 counters cascaded)
Clock source 10MHz on-board clock or external signal
General purpose 16-bit down counter (1 82C54 counter)
Power supply +5VD10%@410mA typ
Operating temperature -40 to +85C
Weight 3.4oz/96g

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Diamond-MM-32-AT PC/104 Analog I/O Module
available models:
Diamond-MM Autocalibrating 32-ch 16-bit A/D + 4-ch 12-bit D/A Ext Temp
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VDC 2006 Platinum Vendor Award