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Products   >   Processor Modules   >   Single Board Computers   >   Athena III PC/104 SBC
CPU Features
1.6GHz / 1GHz Intel Atom E-Series CPU
Low-power fanless operation
1GB memory soldered on board
1 Gigabit Ethernet
VGA CRT and LVDS LCD display support
1 SATA port for hard drive
4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports
4 USB 2.0 ports
PS/2 keyboard & mouse
24 programmable digital I/O lines
Real-time clock
Watchdog timer
PC/104 ISA expansion bus
-40ºC to +80ºC operation
Shock IEC68-2-27 compatible
Vibration MIL-STD-810E 514.4 compatible
Backward compatible with Athena II SBC
Data Acquisition Features
16 analog inputs, 16-bit A/D
200KHz max sampling rate
Interrupt-based A/D sampling with 512 FIFO
Programmable input ranges
4 analog outputs, 12-bit D/A
2 programmable counter/timers
Supported by Universal Driver software
Customers who use this product also use:
Windows Embedded Standard 7 Software Development Kit
Linux Software Development Kit
USB Flashdisks
Athena III Cable Kit

This product can be customized and ruggedized. Click here for more information.
See Athena III PC/104 SBC Technical Resources
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Request Technical Support
Athena III Datasheet
(.pdf, 326.1 kb)
Athena III User Manual
(.pdf, 1.7 MB)
Athena III Panel I/O Board User Manual
(.pdf, 459.9 kb)
Athena III Step Files
(.zip, 34.1 MB)
Universal Driver Software
ESeries CPU Drivers for Windows
(.zip, 2.4 MB)
Windows 7 Gigabit Ethernet Driver
(.zip, 21.1 MB)
ESeries I/O Hub Drivers for Win7
(.zip, 2.4 MB)
ESeries Graphics Drivers for Windows
(.zip, 7.3 MB)
SATA Driver for Windows XP
(.zip, 378.6 kb)
Athena III SATA Driver / Installation Procedure
(.zip, 378.6 kb)
Linux Gigabit Ethernet Driver
(.gz, 232.1 kb)
Windows XP Gigabit Ethernet Driver
(.exe, 25.9 MB)
Athena III Windows 7 Setup program
(.exe, 3.3 MB)
Athena III Watchdog Timer Demo Software
(.zip, 3.1 MB)
Athena III Audio Driver for Windows
(0.0 kb)
ESeries Audio Drivers for Windows
(.zip, 155.3 MB)
Win XP ESeries I/O Hub Drivers
(.zip, 1.4 MB)
ESeries CPU & I/O Hub Drivers for Linux
(.gz, 232.1 kb)

Athena III PC/104 SBC

PC/104 SBC with 1.6GHz or 1GHz Intel Atom E-Series CPU and Integrated Autocalibrating Data Acquisition

CPU + DAQ pc104

Athena III PC/104 SBC
click for a larger image
System Block Diagram
Integrated Data Acquisition
Development Kit
Cable Kit
Mass Storage
Pandora Enclosure
Operating System Compatibility
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Customize Me
Features Benefits
Low-power Intel Atom E-Series processor High computing power with reduced power consumption
Reduced heat dissipation / fanless operation
Integrated LCD, CRT, Ethernet, and system I/O Small size
Light weight
Integrated data acquisition Single-board solution for increased reliability
Guaranteed compatibility
Ruggedization including shock and vibration Customizable for demanding applications
Increased reliability


Athena III combines a full-featured wide temperature SBC with a professional quality data acquisition circuit, all on a compact board with PC/104 I/O expansion. This 2-in-1 design reduces the size and weight of your embedded system, while also helping to simplify manufacturing logistics such as purchasing, warehousing, and assembly. As a third generation product, Athena III demonstrates Diamond's support for long-lifecycle applications. It offers the latest processor and I/O technologies for new applications, while remaining backwards compatible with prior models to extend existing product lifetimes.

Athena III offers some of the highest feature density available in a compact SBC with rugged, wide-temperature, shock and vibration qualified operation. Its combination of size, weight, performance, and power consumption is an ideal fit for applications that require solid performance and a comprehensive range of I/O, without the burden of high cost or power consumption.

The Athena III SBC provides an ideal solution for applications requiring ruggedness.
Its many rugged features include:

  • Soldered memory for increased immunity to shock and vibration
  • -40ºC to +80ºC operating temperature fully tested
  • MIL-STD-202-G shock and vibration qualification (test report available)
  • Thicker PCB (.093" / 2.4mm) increases rigidity and enhances long-term reliability in high vibration environments
  • 2-in-1 SBC + data acquisition reduces size and weight and eliminates bus connectors and spacers for a more rugged solution
  • Athena III includes a complete set of standard I/O features:

  • 4 serial ports with RS-232/422/485 protocol support, configurable via BIOS
    (2 ports have 128-byte FIFOs and 460.8Kbps max data rate)
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Additional USB port for bolt-on solid state flash up to 8GB
  • SATA port for external mass storage
  • Parallel port for legacy applications
  • PS/2 keyboard / mouse ports
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port with 10/100/1000Mbps compatibility
  • VGA and LVDS LCD output with dual independent display capability
  • 24 digital I/O lines
  • top
    System Block Diagram

    Athena III Block Diagram

    Integrated Data Acquisition

    Athena III includes a complete analog and digital data acquisition circuit integrated onto the board. The analog input circuit includes 16 single-ended / 8 differential channels with 16-bit resolution and programmable gain. The extremely high input impedance ensures accurate measurements, while the fault-protected input multiplexors provide protection from overvoltage conditions as well as live inputs during a power-off state. A 2048-sample FIFO with programmable threshold supports smooth interrupt-based sampling at any sample rate up to 200KHz.

    The circuit also features 4 12-bit analog voltage outputs with programmable output ranges, 24 digital I/O lines with programmable direction, and 2 counter/timers which can be used for A/D timing, timer-driven interrupts, or general counting functions.

    All data acquisition features are supported by our free, best-in-class Universal Driver 7.0 programming software which simplifies application development.

    Athena III Data Acquisition Block Diagram

    Athena III Development Kit

    Diamond Systems offers the Athena III SBC in a development kit including a full set of accessories plus your choice of Windows 7 or Linux operating system, ready to run on an 8GB solid state flashdisk. Simply plug in the flashdisk, attach the included cables, add your keyboard, mouse, and display, and you're ready to boot into a fully functional OS. Configuration files and instructions are provided to rebuild the OS with your application. The Linux kit includes all the tools needed to rebuild the OS. The Windows 7 kit includes a runtime license. Developer tools are required to rebuild the Windows 7 OS.

    Athena III Development Kit

    Item Part Number Description
    1 ATHE1600A-1G Athena III SBC, 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB DRAM, DAQ
    2 8890653 8GB USB Flashdisk Module with Linux pre-loaded
    3 C-ATHE-KIT Athena III Cable Kit (see below)
    5 7460651 Athena III Quick Start Guide (not shown)
    6 6710010 Diamond Systems Software and Documentation CD
    7 DOC-PKG Diamond Systems Document Package (not shown)
    8 MTG104 PC/104 Mounting Hardware Kit (not shown)

    Linux and Windows Embedded Standard 7 Software Development Kits are also available for Athena III. The Athena III Linux Kit (SDK-ATHE-A-LNX) contains an 8GB flashdisk with a bootable linux image pre-loaded, a software CD with the linux tool chain and a backup image, and documentation. The Athena III Windows Embedded Standard 7 Kit (SDK-ATHE-A-WE7) contains an 8GB flashdisk with a bootable Windows Embedded Standard 7 image pre-loaded, a software CD with a backup image, and documentation.

    C-ATHE-KIT: Cable kit for Athena III PC/104 SBC

    A cable kit is available that includes cables for almost all I/O features of Athena III. LCD cables are available for purchase separately and may require customization depending on your display. Many cables are also available individually for applications that need only a few.

     Cable Kit

    C-ATHE-KIT includes the following cables:

    No. Qty Cable Description Drawing
    1 1 6981506 Power input cable Show
    2 1 6981011 External battery cable Show
    3 2 6981012 Dual USB cable, ports 0 & 1 Show
    4 1 6981030 VGA cable Show
    5 1 6981031 Audio cable Show
    6 1 6981080 Gigabit Ethernet cable Show
    7 1 C-50-18 50-conductor .1" pitch 18" ribbon cable, Data acquisition Cable Show
    8 1 C-PRZ-01 Breakout Cable, 15" length; serial, parallel, PS/2, utilities Show

    Mass Storage

    Athena III offers two methods for mass storage. A SATA connector enables the use of popular solid state drives, which can be mounted directly on the PC/104 stack using Diamond's ACC-HDDMOUNT disk mounting accessory board. In addition the board supports solid state wide-temperature flashdisks based on rugged SLC technology in up to 8GB capacity. These flashdisks bolt directly onto the Athena III SBC and communicate over a dedicated USB 2.0 port. Click here to learn more about our USB flashdisks.

    USB flashdisk

    Pandora Enclosure System

    pc104 enclosure

    Diamond's Pandora enclosure system is an excellent choice for packaging the Athena III SBC into a complete, compact, ready to run PC for industrial control, gateway, or general application use. It includes a panel I/O board which provides standard commercial I/O connectors for most of the I/O features (LCD not supported). The panel I/O board plugs directly on top of the Athena III SBC, eliminating cables and creating a rugged assembly. The entire board set then mounts directly and easily to the front panel.

    Various case lengths are available to accommodate additional PC/104 I/O boards or custom electronics. The panel I/O board even includes extra I/O connectors to allow you to bring additional I/O out of the box without having to do any custom design. An optional DIN rail bracket helps simplify installation in many industrial applications.

    Pandora cases and panel I/O boards can also be customized for higher volume applications. Click here to learn more about the Pandora enclosure for Athena III.

    Athena III Panel I/O Board
    Athena III Panel I/O Board

    Customization & Ruggedization

    Athena III can be customized in a variety of ways to optimize its fit for your application. Visit our customization page to learn about custom BIOS settings, jumper settings, connectors, and more.

    Athena III can also be ruggedized to increase its reliability and fitness for vehicle and military applications. Features include conformal coating, replacement of jumpers with soldered 0-ohm resistors, component staking and underfill, burn-in testing, and more. Its predecessor Athena II has been successfully used in multiple thousands in a wide range of critical military, railway, networking, and other applications worldwide. Athena III carries on that reputation and offers you a reliable platform for creating a long-term, rugged embedded computing system. Visit our ruggedization page to learn more.

    Operation System Compatibility

    Athena III supports Linux, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded XP, and DOS.

    Operating System Athena III
    Windows Embedded Standard 7 Yes
    Windows XP Yes
    Linux 2.6.23
    DOS 6.22


    CPU and System
    Processor Intel Atom E640T or E680T
    Speed 1.0GHz or 1.6GHz
    Cooling Heat sink, fan-less
    LCD interface

    VGA up to 1600x1200; LVDS up to 1280x768
    8/16/32MB shared with system memory
    24-bit dual-channel LVDS
    Memory 1GB soldered on board (2GB special order)
    Mass storage:

    1 SATA pin header
    Solid state USB module, up to 8GB, mounts on board
    Real-time clock On-board RTC with lithium backup battery
    Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
    Serial ports:
    Ports 1/2
    Ports 3/4
    4 RS-232/422/485
    Up to 115.2kbps, 16-byte FIFO, 16C450 compatible
    Up to 460.8kbps, 128-byte FIFO, 16C2850 UART
    USB ports 4 USB 2.0
    Keyboard & Mouse PS/2
    Data Acquisition
    Analog inputs 16 single-ended / 8 differential
    A/D resolution/speed 16 bits, 200KHz maximum
    Input ranges +/-10V, +/-5V, +/-2.5V, +/-1.25V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V
    Analog outputs 4, 12-bit resolution
    Output ranges +/-10V, +/-5V, 0-10V, 0-5V
    Input impedance 10^13 ohms
    Digital I/O
    Digital I/O lines 24 programmable lines
    Counter/timers 1 24-bit and 1 16-bit
    A/D sample rate control, counting/timing, programmable interrupts
    Operating temperature -40ºC to +80ºC (-40ºF to +176ºF)
    Power supply +5VDC +/-5% @ 2.0A
    Power consumption 9.4W (ATHE1000A-1G)
    Dimensions 4.175"W x 4.475"H
    Weight 8.8oz / 249g with heat sink
    Shock IEC68-2-27 compatible
    Vibration MIL-STD-810E 514.4 compatbile
    RoHS Compliant

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    Athena III PC/104 SBC
    available models:
    Athena III SBC, 1GHz Atom E640T CPU, 1GB DRAM, data acquisition
    Athena III SBC, 1GHz Atom E640T CPU, 1GB DRAM, DIO only
    Athena III SBC, 1.6GHz Atom E680T CPU, 1GB DRAM, data acquisition
    Athena III SBC, 1.6GHz Atom E680T CPU, 1GB DRAM, DIO only
    Athena III SBC, 1.6GHz Atom E680T CPU, 2GB DRAM, data acquisition
    Athena III Development Kit: ATHE1600A-1G SBC, Cable Kit, SDK-ATHE-A-LNX
    Athena III Development Kit: ATHE1600A-1G SBC, Cable Kit, SDK-ATHE-A-WE7
    Athena III Linux Software Development Kit with 8GB USB flashdisk
    Athena III Windows Embedded Standard 7 Software Development Kit with 8GB USB flashdisk
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    Cables and accessories
    available models:
    1GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
    2GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
    4GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
    8GB USB Solid State Flashdisk, extended temperature
    Athena III Cable Kit
    Power input cable
    External battery cable
    Dual USB cable, ports 0 & 1
    VGA cable
    Audio cable
    Gigabit Ethernet cable
    50-conductor .1" pitch 18" ribbon cable, Data acquisition Cable
    Breakout Cable, 15" length; serial, parallel, PS/2, utilities
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