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Products   >   I/O Expansion Modules   >   Digital I/O Modules   >   GPIO-MM-12 Digital I/O Module

GPIO-MM-12 Digital I/O Module

Reconfigurable 48-line Digital I/O + Counter/Timer PC/104 Module

GPIO-MM-12 Digital I/O Module: I/O Expansion Modules, Wide-temperature PC/104, PC/104-<i>Plus</i>, PCIe/104 / OneBank, PCIe MiniCard, and FeaturePak modules featuring programmable bidirectional digital I/O, counter/timers, optoisolated inputs, and relay outputs., PC/104
Block Diagram
I/O headers
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GPIO-MM-12 is part of a family of reconfigurable digital I/O and counter / timer modules with various port and pin configurations. Each board uses identical hardware with a 200K gate Xilinx Spartan II RAM-based FPGA. The varying configurations are based on different FPGA code. The FPGA code is stored in a flash memory on the board, enabling GPIO-MM-12 to be reprogrammed in the field with different designs, including custom designs.

The GPIO-MM-12 configuration provides 48 digital I/O lines and 10 programmable counter/timers. The counter/timer features are based on our legacy Quartz-MM board, while the 48 digital I/O lines are compatible with our legacy Garnet-MM board. This configuration combines the features of both these boards into one board to reduce your PC/104 stack size and cost.

Other GPIO-MM configurations provide up to 96 digital I/O lines.

Counter/Timer Features

The 10 16-bit counter/timers are provided by two 9513 cores. The high speed FPGA enables a fast 40MHz clock input, providing greater precision in timing applications. The counters can be joined under software control to provide 32-bit, 48-bit or 64-bit counters. A variety of input, gate, and output features are available to implement a wide range of waveform, counting, and timing functions. The counter / timer I/O connector uses the same pinout as the connector for Quartz-MM 10-channel boards and includes 16 digital I/O lines configured as 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The fixed I/O and the counter/timer signals feature ESD-protective circuitry.

Digital I/O Features

The digital I/O includes 48 programmable-direction lines using two 8255 cores. All I/O lines are buffered for enhanced output current. All I/O lines contain jumper-selectable 10Kohm pull-up/pull-down resistors. The 48 I/O lines are contained on a single 50-pin connector, along with system ground and a convenient +5V power pin. The I/O connector presents the digital I/O lines in ABC port order.

ISA Bus Interrupts

GPIO-MM-12 offers two user-programmable interrupt circuits. Possible uses include timer based interrupts or interrupts driven by external signals.

Miscellaneous Features

GPIO-MM-12 includes a 256-byte EEPROM for general-purpose non-volatile storage of user application data. Easy register-level access to the EEPROM simplifies use of this valuable feature.

The board requires only a +5V input and operates from -40°C to +85°C. All board functions are supported by our Universal Driver software for Linux, Windows 2000/XP/CE, DOS, and QNX.

Block Diagram

GPIO-MM-12 Block Diagram

I/O Headers

GPIO-MM-12 Pin Definition

J3 Counter/Timer I/O (Quartz MM-10 Pin Definition)

In 1 1 2 In 2
Gate 1 3 4 Gate 2
Out 1 5 6 Out 2
In 3 7 8 In 4
Gate 3 9 10 Gate 4
Out 3 11 12 Out 4
In 5 13 14 Out 5
Gate 5 15 16 FOUT
In 6 17 18 In 7
Gate 6 19 20 Gate 7
Out 6 21 22 Out 7
In 8 23 24 In 9
Gate 8 25 26 Gate 9
Out 8 27 28 Out 9
In 10 29 30 Out 10
Gate 10 31 32 Interrupt Input
Dout 7 33 34 Din 7
Dout 6 35 36 Din 6
Dout 5 37 38 Din 5
Dout 4 39 40 Din 4
Dout 3 41 42 Din 3
Dout 2 43 44 Din 2
Dout 1 45 46 Din 1
Dout 0 47 48 Din 0
+5V 49 50 Ground

J4 Digital I/O

Port1 7 1 2 Port4 7
Port1 6 3 4 Port4 6
Port1 5 5 6 Port4 5
Port1 4 7 8 Port4 4
Port1 3 9 10 Port4 3
Port1 2 11 12 Port4 2
Port1 1 13 14 Port4 1
Port1 0 15 16 Port4 0
Port2 7 17 18 Port5 7
Port2 6 19 20 Port5 6
Port2 5 21 22 Port5 5
Port2 4 23 24 Port5 4
Port2 3 25 26 Port5 3
Port2 2 27 28 Port5 2
Port2 1 29 30 Port5 1
Port2 0 31 32 Port5 0
Port3 7 33 34 Port6 7
Port3 6 35 36 Port6 6
Port3 5 37 38 Port6 5
Port3 4 39 40 Port6 4
Port3 3 41 42 Port6 3
Port3 2 43 44 Port6 2
Port3 1 45 46 Port6 1
Port3 0 47 48 Port6 0
+5V 49 50 Ground


Base FPGA Xilinx Spartan II, 200,000 gates, 40K RAM bits
Input clock 40MHz
FPGA code storage Flash memory, field upgradeable via JTAG
ID indicator 8-bit LED display indicates FPGA code personality
No. of I/O pins 100 pins (48 buffered)
Programmable Digital I/O 48 using 8255 cores
Fixed Direction I/O 8 fixed inputs and 8 fixed outputs
Counter/timers 10 16-bit, using 9513 cores
Max counting freq 40MHz
Counter modes Counter, rate/square-wave generator, pulse-width modulator, programmable one-shot, hardware/software triggered strobe
Output current, buffered I/O Logic 0: 64mA max per line
Ouptut current,
fixed I/O and fixed counter/timers
±24mA max
Dimensions 3.55" x 3.775", PC/104 form factor
PC/104 bus 16-bit stackthrough ISA bus
Power supply +5VDC ±5%
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C standard, all versions
RoHS Compliant
48 programmable digital I/O lines based on 8255 cores
10 16-bit counter/timers based on 9513 cores with 8 fixed digital inputs and 8 fixed digital outputs
On-board EEPROM for user data storage
40MHz clock to support high-speed logic and counters
3 pin headers for a total of 100 I/O pins
Based on a Xilinx Spartan II RAM-based FPGA for field reconfigurability FPGA personality display for easy identification
-40°C to +85°C operation
PC/104 form factor
FREE Universal Driver software included
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This product can be customized and ruggedized. Click here for more information.
See GPIO-MM-12 Digital I/O Module Technical Resources
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GPIO-MM Datasheet
(.pdf, 331.4 kb)
GPIO-MM-12 User Manual v1.00
(.pdf, 435.6 kb)
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GPIO-MM-12 Digital I/O Module
available models:
48 Digital I/O plus 10 Counter/Timers PC/104 Module
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Cables and accessories
available models:
50-conductor .1" pitch 18" ribbon cable, Data acquisition Cable
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