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Products   >   Nvidia Solutions   >   NVIDIA Solutions   >   STEVIE™ Carrier for AGX Xavier

STEVIE™ Carrier for AGX Xavier

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Low cost, high performance carrier for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier modules

STEVIE™ Carrier for AGX Xavier: Nvidia Solutions, NVIDIA Embedded Computing Solutions, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module Solutions

STEVIE offers a compact, low-cost, feature-packed carrier board solution for the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier computer module. STEVIE measures 92 x 105mm (~ 3.5 x 4.0"), just slightly larger than the AGX Xavier module (87 x 100mm). This small outline enables Stevie to provide the maximum amount of I/O and support full-size 2280 M.2 modules in the smallest possible size.

STEVIE utilizes the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier embedded computer module to deliver unmatched performance for AI, machine learning, image processing, and other compute-intensive tasks. The Xavier module delivers up to 30 TeraOps in performance (3 x 1013 operations per second) at a maximum power dissipation of 30 watts. Xavier also offers scalable performance for applications requiring lower overall power consumption of 10 or 15 watts. The module runs at 32 TOPs on a 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores and accelerators, enabling high-performance AI-powered autonomous machines like never before. At 87 x 100mm (3.4 x 3.9") it is slightly bigger than the other Jetson modules.

The most popular I/O is located along the front edge of the board using commercial style panel I/O connectors. This facilitates installation in an enclosure with fewer internal cables, helping to further reduce overall system cost and size.

PCIe Minicard and M.2 sockets enable the installation of flashdisk and I/O expansion module to customize Stevie to your particular application requirements.

STEVIE is ideal for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier applications in typical commercial / industrial environments requiring low cost and compact size. For mobile and outdoor applications requiring a higher degree of ruggedness or more advanced I/O, see our ELTON carrier with PCIe/104 I/O expansion.
Bottom view of STEVIE showing the M.2 2280 socket (outlined).

Stevie is available as a complete system, with the AGX Xavier 32GB module installed and preprogrammed with Diamond's customized Linux OS for Jetson, all assembled into a sturdy steel and aluminum enclosure. The enclosure provides access to all the front edge I/O connectors plus 4 additional DB9 connectors (serial ports and/or CAN), the second HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and up to two SMA type antenna connectors for an installed M.2 or Minicard module. To learn more about these systems click here.

Stevie Block Diagram

Data Acquisition

A built-in data acquisition circuit provides 12-bit A/D up to 1MSPS, 12-bit D/A, and 3.3V GPIO. Diamond's free C-language programming library simplifies application development, while a GUI control panel offers convenient control and monitoring of real-world processes as well as ready-to-run data logging capability.

Stevie Cable Kit

The cables in this cable kit are not sold separately.

STEVIE™ Carrier for AGX Xavier Cable Kit

CK-STV-01 includes the following cables:

No. Qty Cable Description Drawing
1 1 6980524 External battery cable, discrete wires Show
2 2 6980601 Dual serial port cable, 2x DB9 male Show
3 1 6980602 Dual USB 2.0 cable, 2x USB 2.0 type A Show
4 1 6980605 HDMI Cable Show
5 1 6980606 DAQ Cable Show
6 1 6980608 Audio cable, 3x 3.5mm jacks Show
7 2 6981182 CANbus 2.0 dual port cable Show
8 1 6981507 Power Cable, IPD 2x2 to Leads, 20AV Show

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STEVIE™ Carrier for AGX Xavier
available models:
STEVIE carrier board for Jetson AGX Xavier computer module
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Cables and accessories
available models:
CK-STV-01 cable kit
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Size: Size: 3.5" x 4.00" / 92mm x 105mm
Input voltage 9-20VDC
On-board features:
I/O breakout from Xavier board:
   2x USB 3.1
   2x USB 2.0
   2x Gigabit Ethernet
   2x HDMI
   4x RS-232/RS485/RS422
   2x CAN
   SAM DAQ circuit: 6xADC input to SAM controller and 2x DAC via SAM controller
   Digital IOs: 13 Digital IO via SAM controller
Socketed features:
Camera module connector with 4x4 CSI lanes supporting up to 8x 2-lane CSI cameras
UFS flash socket + Micro SD
M.2 PCIe x4 socket (2280 size)
1mPCIe socket
See STEVIE™ Carrier for AGX Xavier Technical Resources
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Stevie User Manual
(.pdf, 2.1 MB)