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3.5" Form Factor
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Single Board Computers
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Single Board Computers
I/O Modules
Power Supplies
I/O Modules
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PCIe MiniCard
PCIe MiniCard
PCIe MiniCard
PCIe MiniCard
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Single Board Computers
I/O Modules
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Designing Embedded Computers for Rugged Applications

Application Articles

Building Automation
Paper Processing
Train Controller
Wind Instrument
Lung Simulator
Gas Analyzer
Weapon System

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Customization Services

Diamond Systems customization services provide the following benefits:
Products are better tuned to meet your requirements
Cost reductions for cost sensitive applications
Additional ruggedization for harsh environments
Full customization delivers products that exactly meet your application's requirements
Full revision control & lifecycle management processes

We offer two levels of customization services to help you integrate our products into your application more easily:

Modified Standard Products -- common customization to a standard product

Full Custom Product Designs -- complete custom designs using Diamond's proven technologis and built to your specficiations

Modified Standard Products (Standard Product Variants)

Serial I/O Module SPV Standard Product Variant examples Helios SBC SPV Panel I/O Board SPV

Each customer's application is unique in some way, so no off-the-shelf product can meet all customers' needs economically. Diamond's Standard Product Variant (SPV) process is designed to better meet the exact requirements of your application.

We offer a variety of common customizations to our products. These are fully backed with ECO and document control procedures to ensure proper archival of product documentation and conformance of our products to your unique needs. The delivery of a wide variety of SPV products to customers in military, transportation, medical, industrial automation, and energy markets over the last two decades attests to the reliability and effectiveness of our process.

The SPV process starts with an analysis of your requirements. Our SPV form provides the basis for the documentation of all changes required to the base product. After customer approval, we determine the appropriate manufacturing and testing requirements to ensure the delivery of high quality, conforming products. Upon customer approval of first article units, we begin volume manufacturing. As an added benefit, Diamond offers low minimum order quantities for initial and mass production SPV orders.

Common Customization Services include, but are not limited to:
Configuration jumper settings
BIOS settings
Removal of backup batteries or other undesired components
I/O connector and bus connector changes, such as vertical connector, latching connectors, or non-stackthrough PC/104 bus connectors
Custom flat panel display support
Custom logic design for boards with FPGAs
Conformal coating to prevent moisture or fungus damage
Extended temperature screening
Burn-in screening

Full Custom Product Designs

Custom serial board Custom dual LAN board

Diamond Systems designs and builds complete custom embedded boards. We base these products on our existing designs and technologies in order to lower design costs and reduce time to market. Products can be delivered for either a single project or ongoing production.

Recent examples include a compact SBC with integrated data acquisition, an 8-port Gigabit Ethernet micro-switch, a serial communications board for a locomotive control panel, and a relay & opto-isolator I/O board for an assembly line tool.

Minimum order quantity and NRE charges depend on the nature of the project.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Custom Design Technologies
Single-board computers based in a variety of small form factors
Analog I/O
Digital I/O
Counter / timers
RS-232/422/485 serial ports
10/100Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet
GPS / wireless communications
Audio circuitry
Relays / opto-isolation
DC/DC power supplies
Battery backup / UPS circuitry
PC/104, PC/104-Plus and EMX stackable I/O expansion
Software drivers
FPGA / logic design
Autocalibration circuitry
pc104 EPIC EBX ETXcom expressfeaturepakEMX

The Diamond Systems logo is a trademark of Diamond Systems Corporation. PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCIe/104, EPIC, and EBX are trademarks of the PC/104 Embedded Consortium.
All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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Markets & Applications
Transportation Systems
Medical Equipment
Energy Management
Industrial Automation
Aerospace & Defense

Products & Technologies
Single Board Computers
Wide range of processor speeds and performance
Coduction Cooling
Analog I/O
Digital I/O
Serial & Ethernet
DC/DC Power Supplies
OS & Driver Software
FPGA logic design
A/D Autocalibration

Value-added Capabilities
Custom Design
Extended Temperature
Conformal Coating
System Integration
Lifecycle Management

Customer Benefits
Single Supplier
Guaranteed Compatibility
Improved Accurancy
Reduced Size/Cost
Increased Ruggedness
Increased Reliability
Easy System Expansion